The WATERPLUS® Availability Advantage

Designed from the knowledge gained from over 300 years of combined experience providing solutions to our customers, WATERPLUS® was launched to serve those looking for high quality, cost effective water treatment equipment. Twenty years of buying, refurbishing and selling water treatment equipment has provided us with a unique perspective to learn about the features that our customers are looking for.

WATERPLUS® offers pre-engineered designs that minimize cost and provide reliable equipment that is typically either in stock or available with significantly reduced lead times.This combination of available equipment along with expert advice and service is what we call our Availability Advantage. Call us today to learn more about our capabilities and find out how our team can help you with your current project.

-John Barelli

Benefits/Why WATERPLUS®

  • Our Availability Advantage: faster turnaround times and shorter lead times
  • Lower water treatment equipment and operating cost
  • Reliable and quality-based equipment designs
  • Large selection of models in stock for sale and rental
  • Many years of experience with different types of treatment equipment